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Introducing the Language Business Web Support

I’ve always been what is called “a lurker” on Social Media, posting for others and taking care of organisations. I love people, especially those in the language industry, but I’ve always been too busy to give myself to a group and commit fully. But I think I should.

There are difficult times all around and we could use a supportive community, especially one that deals with technology and web-related issues. So I started one, and committed myself to its growth as both a business and a person.

It takes a lot of time and energy to nurture something into growth, and I think I’m ready for the Language Business Web Support. We can all use a good technology resource, especially if it’s tailored to working with languages.

The LBWS is an active group with an intention to share information and provide web support to language professionals. The aim of the community is to support each other with web-related issues that are not CAT-specific. We cover all tech topics, including data science, analytics, SEO and digital marketing, etc.

We also share language business stories and provide the latest updates in the fields of Information Technology, Data Science, Web Analytics and Digital Marketing that are relevant to language professions.

You can find the Language Business Web Support on Facebook and LinkedIn and, if you work with languages and are a freelancer or an SME (Small or Medium-sized Enterprise), you are sincerely invited to join. Let’s build something worthwhile.

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