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Reasons why social media advertising is great for language professionals

Being a language professional means that I don’t have to learn about social media advertising! Right?

social advertising

Right. You really, truly don’t have to. But we think it’s a great area for a diversification and have provided you with 22 reasons why.

Before we get to it, however, let’s go over what the so-called social advertising is about. In short, social media advertising (also called social network advertising, social network targeting or social advertising) is simply online advertising that focuses on social media. The reason it’s called advertising and not marketing is that, unlike the latter and more general term, it involves paid promotion.

So, here are at least some of the reasons why you might want to expand your portfolio of services to include halping your clients advertise on social.

  1. You deal with communications already so it’s not an entirely new field.
  2. You are already a freelancer so it’s not an entirely new mode of working.
  3. You already have to know a lot about marketing, you’d only have to build on this knowledge a little bit.
  4. Your expertise with languages gives you an edge when it comes to crafting advertising content.
  5. You are well-organised and are able to work on projects, which will help you when working with advertising clients.
  6. Your knowledge of different cultures means you have an edge when planning for multicultural impact.
  7. You are multicultural which means you have access to more inspiration. (Tell us how ads are different between your Source and Target languages!)
  8. If your skillset includes translation, you can create a great synergy for yourself and your clients.
  9. Same with editing.
  10. Same with proofreading.
  11. Extra-same with desktop publishing and typesetting.
  12. Extra-extra same with localisation and analytics.
  13. You are already versed in business jargon from negotiating with clients, which means lesser of a learning curve.
  14. You are used to learning on your own, which is necessary for this constantly updated skill.
  15. There is a lot of free material for you to learn from.
  16. Your experience with marketing will grow, which will then benefit your other services.
  17. You will learn how to run ad campaigns for clients and will be able to do them for yourself, too!
  18. You already have a niche for your language services and can use your contacts in it to get social advertising projects.
  19. You already have a specialisation for your language services and can use your contacts in it to get social advertising projects.
  20. If you are an interpreter, you have an advantage of being great in person.
  21. If you’re a translator, you have an advantage of being great with words.
  22. Multilingual marketing and advertising are growing trends, which means more work in the field.

These are all the reasons we could think of. But, please let us know in the comments if you can add some reasons of your own!

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